The digital menu and website for your restaurant or pizzeria
The paper menu can be cause for contagion of viruses and bacteria, not only for COVID-19. The guidelines of the international health authorities are for use in restaurants of applications for smartphones or disposable menus.

is the simple and cheap app that allows you to store and publish your menu online, just print the QR code that we will send you, display it in your restaurant, on the tables, and customers will have direct access to your menu in their smartphone. You will improve the ordering service at the tables, you can share it on your social networks, send it to customers, use it for orders, reservations and home deliveries, we can integrate your menu with your facebook messenger, your whatsapp and e-mail contact forms. . Updates and changes can be made by sending us a simple e-mail. The website, in the domain, can be associated with the digital menu and allow a better presentation and dissemination on the network of your business with features, history, images and photo galleries, booking forms, with the possibility of sharing on social networks and tools google business. For information, get in touch with
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