Internet, communications and power grid
Villa Concetta has a wi-fi network in the rooms and in the common areas, unfortunately is not very  fast network because here, in Cidade Velha,  we do not yet have the optical fiber.
you will find wi-fi also open in the square of Cidade Velha and in some commercial activity.
In the city of Praia you will find wi-fi open in many areas (the Plateu area, Palmarejo and in the vicinity of many public offices and commercial activities).
You can easily buy phone cards from the two Cape Verdean companies (
CV Móvel

- Unitel T+

 and to have internet and a local number, they are often also offered for free at the airport, or you can easily buy and activate them at one of the many retailers.

The electricity network is 220V, and you will find two-phase european sockets everywhere, in the Villa Concetta various types of adapters are available (lamellar, american, etc.).

The electricity grid on the island of Santiago is stable, blackouts rarely occur, only temporary suspensions for ordinary maintenance are frequent, usually during the morning and for no more than 40-50 minutes, Villa Concetta has an emergency generator.